Friday, December 16, 2011

Last minute Christmas sewing!

I am getting there!!
I have finished the last of the tote bags....

Yes, I know you have seem many different pictures of these....I can hear you saying "Can't she make anything new??"  But they are so fun and easy to make, and such great bags!! I think everyone needs to have one!!

And I stuffed them full of goodies too!

Now I have some little night gowns to sew for our grand daughter (turning 3 yrs old)

and some fleecy p.j. pants for my step son. (turning closer to 30!!).....

Last year they were pink polka dots! Every year I try to find something else fun.  I wasn't too sure this year.. I couldn't decide......Spiderman or Superman??? which should I go with??? What is your vote??


  1. LOL I like Spidie...haha....the tote is lovely....I still think I must be on your list

    Merry Christmas Flo

  2. Oh, I like SPidie myself. I love your totes - maybe the same pattern, but the fabrics make each special.. just lovely.

  3. my hubby is all about Batman.....
    so i cannot make a decision on those 2 choices haha

  4. I would make spidie and then make superman for next year
    Have fun stitching

  5. great looking tote. I would go with superman

  6. Love your tote! Love the cute fabrics for the grandaughter's nighties - so cute and Sorry for me it is superman all the way!


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