Friday, October 2, 2015

catching up...back in Arizona!

I have a lot of quilts to show you!!  Sorry, I have been so negligent in posting, but have still been busy sewing.

Before we left Arizona I finished up these 3 quilts.
This one was a kit that I purchased on a road trip in the dessert.  It was Quilting Sisters shop in Payson , Arizona.  You find the greatest little quilt stores all over the place!!
I love the simple colours, reminds me of the desert!  It was all batiks, which I don;t usually use often, but really liked working with them.  Interesting how turning the blocks on point makes them look like straight lines!  Cool.

And I love the bright cheery colours in this one.  It is one of Missouri Star Quilt patterns.. I think it is called Falling Charms.  This one goes together very quickly. This was some leftover 5" squares from another quilt...great to use up all the leftovers!

And this one is special.  It was inspired by this quilt.  I made it for a good friend who has recently gone through a marriage separation, and thought she could use a quilt hug!
I spent a long time collecting a variety of green fabrics, and really like the combination.  I must admit that the diamond pattern is a bit challenging, but after a few bad words and several redo's I think it turned out pretty well.  I have now given it to her, and she tells me she loves it!  Great to hear.

More to come....I still have others to share! See you next time.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Hi...Remember me??

wow, time just flies by, and before you know it several months have gone by!  Thank you to those of you who checked in to see if I was OK! .....yes, I am doing well, and actually still getting a lot of quilting done too. biggest event has been this little first grandson! (my husband has a grandaughter, but this is my first!)

He is so sweet, and of course perfect. :)

And I also got to babysit their dog, Ellie, for a couple of days...and she is pretty sweet too!

Apart from the mandatory baby quilt... (no cutsie baby prints allowed!!LOL)

...there was also quite a lot of other sewing in preparation for this arrival.

I made another car seat canopy..they are so handy, and also easy to make!

My sweet DIL found lots of things on Pinterest that she loved, so we got busy and made a lot of them.  The teepee and bear rug are in the nursery.

(Instructions for bear rug here)  I didnt have a pattern for the teepee but used this one as inspirations and used actual tree branches for the poles!

Of course I also made up some cute crib sheets and receiving blankets and a couple of swaddlers, a car seat wrap and a few little bibs.

So I have had a lot of family company staying at my house, and also spending a lot of time just doing this...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

a relaxing paradise holiday

We have just returned from a month in Kauai, one of the Hawaiian islands.
And yes, it is paradise!
Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands, and the one that is farthest out from mainland USA.
It is quite different from Maui or Oahu. It is very rural, and very quiet. A great place for a reaxing vacation.

This was the view from our patio (called a lanai in Hawaii)

From here we could sit and drink our morning coffee and watch the whales jumping and splashing off the shore!
Things are pretty laid back here. This is the bus stop on the main road ...

I couldn't help but think it would look even better with a quilt draped over the back!

There is beautiful scenery, several waterfalls,

and wild chickens (yes, chickens!!) all over the place.

One fun stop was the Coco Palm Hotel site. This is now overgrown and really run down, but it the site where Elvis Presley starred in "Blue Hawaii".

There is a 2 hour tour, and we were in luck.....we had an "Elvis" on the tour with us! He enjoyed poising for pictures, re-enacting "Elvis moments"

We also flew over to Oahu for a couple of days on Waikiki, and spent a day touring Pearl Harbor. It is a very interesting place, very moving, and great museums that thoroughly explain the history and events.

You can also tour a submarine and a battle ship - the Missouri (Mighty Mo) - very cool!

It was a great vacation, but a month is a long time, and it was great to get home too. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

But it is still a finish!

I have been working on my scrap quilt this week, but had another important project to get done as well.

My husbands granddaughter has a birthday coming up, and when I saw this fabric on sale for $3 a metre, I knew what I had to make!

She is turning 6, and is a big 'Frozen" fan...can sing all the sons too.
For those of you with small girls or grand daughters, I am sure you can sing along!!

Anyway, we are giving this to her tonight, can't wait to see her face !!

Linking up to TGIFF  over at Quilt Matters this is a finish after all :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WIP Wed...scrap attack continues

I am making an effort to use up scraps, and fabric I already have, rather than buy anything new.  So far , so good! OK, I know it is only Jan 7, but...... so far, so good :)

In my last post I mentioned a scrappy quilt that Debbie was making over at Stitchin' therapy, called Sonja's windows.  It uses 14" strips, which I thought would take a big chunk out of my scrap pile.  I often have long strips from trimming the backing off a quilt, so these were perfect.  It didnt take long to get quite a pile of 14' strips.....

I also trimmed down other bits to sizes that would be useful for my string blocks, and fed the rest of little scraps to my " batting bears". All in all, I made quite a dent in my pile.

You sew the strips together randomly, big enough to get a 14"x14" block

and before I knew it, I had the 10 blocks made.  They are pretty scrappy!  But because I used the long strips of scraps, there are repeats of fabric in most of the blocks, which gives it some unity.

Next step is the 1" "frame" for each block, and then the sashing.  I have a decision to make here. Again, I don't want to buy anything new for this, so here are my choices....
First...two tones of grey. A lighter frame, and darker sashing...

Second...white frame on dark grey sashing....

and Third....white frame on light grey sashing...

What is your vote...I could use some input here!!

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Monday, January 5, 2015

using more leftovers

In my effort to finish up and clear up leftovers, I pulled out some left over blocks from finished quilts. You know there are always a couple, or the triangle trimmings of the ends of strip sets. I never throw them out, but they tend to just fill up

I sewed together the strip trimmings from "The Ugly Quilt" to make a few more blocks.

I also sewed together some leftover minky from some previous baby quilts.  Normally I wouldn't sew smaller bits of this together, but why not? It is still soft and cuddly! And it is a leftover quilt afterall !!

So I tried the same with the leftover bits from the "Impossible Quill" quilt.  There really wasn't much left over from that, but it is about 30"x36"  , so will be a small stroller quilt, or maybe a car seat canopy. At least it is together and out of the leftover bin!! Win- win!

Unfortunately, I still have a lot more to use up! I might have to get a bit more creative with some of these....I am not sure these colours lend themselves as well to baby quilts! We will see.

Friday, January 2, 2015

using leftovers.. no paper-string blocks

After making a couple of large quilts, it is fun and relaxing to just play with the leftovers!

I love the look of string quilts, and when I have nothing in particular on the go I like to add a few to the pile. I know some people use paper to size the blocks, but then you have to tear the paper off....seems like a whole lot of extra work to me!! (have I mentioned that I am lazy?)  Anyway, I find an easy way to do these is just use my trusty 6-1/2 " ruler to size the strips.

I have been using a yellow strip for the centre of each block.  It is 1-1/4" wide.

Then I just dig around in the scrap bin and pull out a strip of whatever is the right length. Just remember that you need to account for the seam so leave the strip a bit longer. I have had to rip a few off when I have tried to squeeze it a bit to close !

These are really random....and yes, in this case, I can do random!!
I keep the strips no less than an inch (although I have done a few smaller!) and usually not larger than 2", or you loose the strip effect.
I just keep adding bits on, sewing and pressing as I go.

I find that this is a great way to use up those triangle bits. I seem to have a lot of from trimming ends of blocks.

They don't look like much while you are working on them...

I use the ruler to trim them down to size..

and then they really look great!

And it doesn't take long to make a few of them..

And put them all together....I love the look!!
Not sure how big this one will get yet.

And don't worry...all those little scraps and trimmings don't go to waste..

I still have my "batting bears" to fill!
And I just found another great way to use up scraps and strips! Check out "Sonja's windows" over at Stitchin Therapy!  Thank you Debbie!! Love this quilt, and just might have to divert a few of my scraps to this one!