Friday, October 17, 2014

Mickey is a finish!

I have finished up the Mickey Mouse quilt for my nephew and his wife, expecting their first at the end of December!   And they are big Mickey Mouse fans, so hope they like this.

This is such a cute print... and the added red/black dots I think are Dr. Seuss  fabrics.

I backed it with white minkee, so it is cuddly soft!!

And I think the polka dot binding is just the perfect finishing touch!  As you can see I machine stitched the binding.  I always think that is going to be more durable to stand up to the repeated washing a baby quilt will get

I have some leftover bits, so am now starting a baby seat canopy cover to use up the scraps.  More on that as I the design stages right now!  :)

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Mickey Mouse is in the house!

My nephew and his wife are HUGE Disney and Mickey Mouse fans....HUGE!  So when they announced that they were expecting their first child, my daughter suggested that I make a Mickey Mouse themed quilt!  Of course!! That would be perfect.

So the hunt for Mickey mouse fabric began.  And I found some! But a lot of it was black....mmmmm.....a black baby quilt???  Couldn't quite bring myself to do that.

But there was a print that was on a white background, so I found some other fabric to coordinate (I think it was actually Dr Zeus fabric!! but it worked) and played up the white and red instead.

This is the finished top...

I think it is pretty cute...although it is very RED!  Oh well, better than black, in my opinion :)

I am using white minky for the backing and hope to find some black polka dot fabric for the binding.
I thought about whether white was a good choice for the backing, but wanted the cuddle factor and really didn't like the intensity of using red or black.  I think the white really softens the colours in this.

this was really fun to make! And I am sure they will be happy to see Mickey Mouse welcoming the new baby ! is not quite finished....but linking it up to TGIFF over at Quilt Matters!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Whirlwind summer

I am still here!.....really!!
It seems like the summer has flown past in a whirlwind! Lots of family and fun, and some sewing, but whew...where did it go???

I do have a couple of finishes...although they are both the same!
I made this as a gift for a friends daughter, for her wedding...

And my daughter told me how much she loved it, and wished it was larger to fit her what is a mom to do??? Sew another one...bigger!!

This is a quick disappearing 9-patch, so went together very easily. I love this fabric, even though I almost never use brown! I think the silver highlights are beautiful. It is Northcott fabric, "Stonehenge Ginko"

The backing was from my stash..  The smaller one is quilted with "bubbles"..

And for my daughters, she requested my old standby the "echoed teardrops"

We are off to Scotland now....which may be a separate country by the time we get there!! Wow, it will be interesting to hear about "the vote" and the outcome while we are there!

Hope you all had a great summer! And I hope to get back to my blogging more regularly when we return.

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Friday, August 8, 2014

the shark has been tamed!

Well, it is finished!

This has been a big challenge for me! I guess challenges are always a learning experience though.
It started out like this... so I guess it has progress a long way!
If you haven't seen the previous posts, this is supposed to be a stylized version of the San Jose Sharks logo. My daughters boyfriend is a big fan, and they requested a duvet cover ...and gave me complete creative control   LOL.
 It was more difficult that I thought it would be, working with large pieces of fabric, no pattern and crawling around on the floor moving pieces around!

But I is done now!
I made an envelope closure on the back, and used buttons.  I put the buttons on the inside so that you cant see them. (and the puppy cant chew on them!)  Fortunately my sewing machine has a button hole maker, and even a button sewing is pretty cool! and fast!

Then last night I washed it up and stuffed the duvet into it. I will take it out to Calgary next week, and hope they like it.

Linking up to TGIFF..this week over at Quilt Matters.(this week I am TRULY happy to finished!!)
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Friday, August 1, 2014

Zig Zag Happy Birthday!

I made a quilt for my sweet DIL for her birthday. She likes chevron patterns, so I thought I would make her a chevron quilt.

I tried out the "easy zig zag" quilt can find a great tutorial over at Crazy Mom Quilts. I didn't sew the long strips together,though,  I used 3" x 5 1/2 " blocks, so I could lay out the whole pattern first. I didnt have a lot of extra fabric, so had to do some shuffling.

This one is large, about 90" x 90"!  That was a bit challenging to quilt on my machine, but I just used straight lines, echoing the zig zags, so it wasn't a lot of turning the whole thing around anyway.

I know that usually the edges are cut off so the pattern extends all the way across, but I wanted to make this one larger, and didnt have more of the yellow patterned fabric, so added setting triangles and borders.
Each strip across is one fat quarter! I had been gathering different yellow print fat quarters for awhile, so there was a variety of them, but not extra yardage.

As usual, I didnt quite have enough of my backing fabric, so added some extra yellow, and the scraps from the front, but I think it really adds interest to the back anyway.

I gave it to her for her birthday, and I think she really liked it, and used it for her guests bed that very weekend! I love when a quilt gets put to use!

So that is my finish! Linking up to TGIFF....this week over at Quokka Quilts...
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Friday, July 25, 2014

would he be happy with a walrus?

I am still working away on the "San Jose Sharks" duvet cover.  I sent a text to  my daughter explaining that I was having some difficulty with this project and asked her if her boyfriend  would be just as happy if it looked like a walrus!!   mmmmmm ......maybe not??

OK then! Back to the construction!!

I added the adjacent side and sewed it to the foundation sheet. Once I had positioned the black fabric and sewed it down, I flipped it over and trimmed away the excess fabric from the grey background.

Then I placed the teal "body" and pinned it in place.

I decided it needed some slashes of contrast, so added a little "fin" and a slash of black to break up the teal blue.

I sewed the "fin" in place first, just appliqued on the top, and sewed one side of the body and the point in place.  Then did the flip and trim of the black fabric underneath  to reduce the bulk. Next I sewed down the other side of the body. I did some trimming under this side as well, but had to kind of turn the whole thing  inside out to get at it.

I top-stitched all the seams, so hopefully that will keep everything nice and flat. Once the body was secured down, I added the black slash...again just appliqued to the top. It will be 3 layers thick at this point, but it is a small section so hope it will be ok.

This is the official logo, and although I didnt want to actually reproduce it, I did want it to be recognizable. What do you think?  did I get it ?

So the design portion of the duvet cover is complete!! It measures 75" x 75" so I now need to add some borders to make it up to 86" x 86", which is the size of the duvet. I am thinking of using some grey and black borders to frame it.

Then the final phase will be attaching a back to make the envelope for the duvet!!
Slowly but surely , it is coming together!!

Tips I have learned from this:

  • the foundation sheet was a huge help, not only in keeping the size correct, but in providing a stable "constant"
  • tape the sheet to the floor so it is possible to move the other pieces around and keep the foundation in place. I used Gorilla Tape.......sort of like Duct Tape only stronger! 
  • go slowly!!  Pin and reposition frequently.  I would pin the layers in place to check and then take out all the pins for the top layers, sew a bit then recheck to be sure it was all working together. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

progress is slow...but still moving!

I am slowly progressing with my San Jose Sharks duvet cover.
The hardest part was actually taking that first step and cutting into the fabric! That is always a bit scary. I didn't really have a specific plan, so am not sure that I have enough fabric, but will just have to wing it and add some "special design features" if I run into trouble.

I started with one side, and so far, so good...

I cut the sheet foundation to 75" square and taped it to the floor to try to control wrinkles. I have sewed down the grey background piece, the striped part and the first black slash. Then I flipped the back piece over and cut away all the extra fabric from underneath.  So the grey fabric piled up on the right side will be my next step as I try to fit it on the right side of the sheet.

So time to stop procrastinating and get back to this!!
But speaking of procrastination....try this out....

I won a copy of this book from The Bitchy Stitcher.  ...just when I needed a good chuckle about my quilting (or lack of) skills!! Thanks so much Megan!!