Wednesday, September 14, 2016

catching up .....again

I have had trouble maintaining any kind of routine, and as a result, have neglected my blog yet again.  When I thought about the reasons I wanted to continue, it is mainly for myself...(as I may not actually have any followers anymore anyway LOL)  I started this blog partly to give back to a community that helped me develop into the quilter that I am today.  I learned so much from all of you!!  But I also started this to document my progress, my successes, and even my failures as well as having a record of the quilts that I have made.   And that number is now over 60!  So , although it is sporadic, I plan to continue !

It has been a very busy summer in our house.  We had a wedding!

My stepson got married in July, and lots of my husbands family came over from Scotland for the wedding....and stayed for some playtime at the lake :)  For a few days there were 11 people living in our home!! YIKES! But all went well, and everyone had a great time.  The wedding was beautiful, the bride was beautiful, and the weather was great for pretty much the whole time.

And of course, I made a quilt for their wedding !!

This was actually started a couple of years ago, as a block of the month from Periwinkle Quilting, called "Black, White and Bright"
The backing was a really fun flannel I found in is a crossword puzzle...and so cozy too.

It is quite large, about 100" x 90"!  So was a challenge to quilt on my home machine.  Also because it was black and white I couldn't use one colour of thread throughout, so had to quilt the white with white thread, and the black with black!  It was a challenge, but fun to do as well, and really stretched my FMQ skills.

I think they loved it!

And of course I also have been keeping busy with my little grandson !!

 What a sweet little guy! I have been able to babysit him quite a bit, and am not sure how I am going to leave him and go to Arizona this year :(


  1. Looks like we are sort of in the same boat! I've been away from blogging for so long, I'm having to relearn it. My son got married this year too, but I haven't even started on their wedding quilt! You did a fantastic job on the quilt! And your grandson is a cutie!

  2. This quilt is just gorgeous!! What a wonderful gift for the newlyweds.

  3. Glad to see you back:) Lovely quilt.

  4. We are still here. Summers are busy and yours looked more so - especially with a wedding. Wonderful quilt and oh, my - the size on a home machine! You rock!!

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