Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Quilting Blues

My niece is getting married!  Of course , time for a quilt!!
But she loves blue.  

I realize that I don't have any blue in my stash!  Really, almost nothing!  And when I look at all my quilts, there is very little blue, almost none, in any of them.  A real eye opener!

So off to a friendly quilt store..Prairie Chicks...and stock up :)  They had a great FQ bundle of blues with a little beige/tan mixed in...perfect!   "Grand Traverse Bay" by Minick & Simpson 
Grand Traverse Bay by Minick & Simpson - 13 Fat 1/4s
But why stop there....so I had to buy a bit extra as well!

I needed something quick and easy, as I had to get this off to her soon...so just a simple block.  But it turned out lovely, I think.

The backing was quick and easy as well, This fabric added some interest without having to piece anything.

I quilted it quickly as well, with an all over teardrop...my go-to quick and easy pattern...
So it is finished and off to Ontario for the wedding.

And as it turns out, I did get a bit carried away buying fabric, and had enough to make a second quilt!  Bonus!!  So I tried out my first "Plus Quilt"  Such fun! Pictures of that one another day!

Not sure what I will do with the second one, when it is finished, but my grandson might need one :)


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