Friday, April 29, 2016

my first bee.....really!

I have read so much about quilting bees, and seen so many blog posts and pictures, but I have never participated in a bee.....UNTIL NOW!

I attended a MQG meeting last week,and they were starting a new bee.  I only have to commit to making one block each month.  That doesn't sound like much at all.

This really shouldn't be a source of stress....I mean they are meant to be fun, after all.  But when do you overcome all those insecurities about whether or not your block will "measure up" ?  What about fabric choices??  Oh, yes, I do get a sample of what they want....but do you think I have any of those colours in my scrap boxes???  Maybe, but then are they fabrics that she would like???  or modern enough?? or ....or...or...

OK, calm down!   I can do this! Right??


Whats the worst that can happen...

So lets get started...I have a "Colour Seed" palate to work with, so lets dig through some scraps....
maybe these....

Or maybe not.  I think I need to add some to my stash!!  So I went and bought these (they were on sale, though!)

So, now I will get started on the block. It seems pretty straight forward.
Oh is "wonky"!  I dont do wonky very well....something to do with everything has to be straight and all lined up. Even my "random" is orderly, remember???

And then I have to come up with a block that I want when it is my turn.  I am already stewing about this one!!  LOL


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