Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday finish...BUT

Well I do have a Friday finish! And I even had my post written all ready to show you !

BUT....I have reached my quota for pictures??? I am not even sure what that means..and I dont have the time today to figure it out!

So for now I guess you just will have to imagine my beautiful little green quilt!! :)

P.S. any tips on what I do now would be greatly appreciated!!


  1. Do you load your pictures onto your blog? Because that can do it. The way to get around is to use a picture hosting website like flickr. Then you are basically linking the picture instead of actually storing on your blog site. If you need any help just email me :-)

  2. oh no that isn't good.I am no help but your quilt is beautiful in my mind :)

  3. acting dumb when you are really smart…lol.. we call that playing the fool to catch the wise After that they will like you


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