Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday morning

I have just returned from a trip to Calgary...and I was very lucky to have had the chance to meet with Cheryl Arkison, from Dining Room Empire...otherwise known as one of the authors of "Sunday Morning Quilts"

Sunday Morning Quilts (Paperback)

My husband offered to buy me this book for Christmas, so I contacted Cheryl to see if I could pick it up on one of my trips out there. After several attempts, we finally did arrange a time to meet, and she was so sweet to invite me over for tea!!  She signed my copy, and even her daughter signed the picture of herself inside!!  How cute!

Anyway, it was great having a visit with Cheryl...although, of course, I forgot to take my camera, so have no photos to prove I was there ..LOL

But, I did get my own personal trunk show!! HOW AMAZING!! It was so great to chat about what she had done with some of the quilts! Some really beautiful work! 

But now, the book is tucked away, and I cant even get a sneak peak until Christmas! Can't wait!


  1. Oh that is awesome Flo!! : ) What a fun opportunity - wow.

    Monika from across the frozen pond...

  2. It's a fabulous book. I really like it. The other author Amanda Jean has a fun blog that I like to follow (in addition to yours!) It's called Crazy Mom Quilts. Anyway, there's lots of neat stuff in it so enjoy the book.


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