Tuesday, February 5, 2013

quilt shop exploring

We are having a wonderful, relaxing time here on Maui! (and we missed a lot of very cold weather back home in Canada ...bonus!)  And of course no trip is complete without checking out the local quilt stores.  So here is a run down on what Maui has to offer.

We are staying on the West side of the island, on Ka'anapalli beach. The closest quilt shop to us is in Lahaina (the old whaling village...very interesting whaling museum there).
 It is called Quilts N Fabricland.
Fabricland 2

This shop is not easy to find, as it is tucked away on the second floor of  a little mall. It does have one wall filled with Hawaiian print fabric, but really not a lot of other fabric. A lot of the store is filled with ready made quilted items, like pot holders and handbags. Lots of patterns too, if you are looking for traditional Hawaiian quilting patterns. But, unusual for Maui...I found the staff here a bit unfriendly...maybe it was a bad day??

Apparently there used to be a second quilt shop in Lahaina, called the Needlework Shop, but is now closed. 

The next adventure was into Kahului...which is where the airport is in Maui. It is about 45 min away from here. This was a great store...it is called Sew Special and is located in the Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Mall.

It is filled to the brim with everything you might want to find!! And lots of great batiks!!
Sew Special 3
The staff here were very friendly and helpful. I spent a long time wandering around in this shop!

Kahului has another fabric store...it is very large...more like a Fabricland (in Canada) or perhaps a Joannes (in USA). It is right on the main street out of Kahului as you leave the airport...easy to see from the street. I must admit..I didn't actually spend any time here. ...I thought that Sew Special filled my quilt shopping needs!!

And there is one more place...down in Kehei, called the Maui Quilt Shop. I haven't made down to this shop yet! This picture is from their web page. It looks like a nice little shop though, so might have to venture down there and check it out.
Store Photo

Anyway...that is what Maui has to offer for quilt stores...just in case you are ever here and looking!

And just a last shot...this is watching the waves up on the North Shore!


  1. sigh....love it all...although you'll be happy to know that the weather here is quite pleasant! -5C!

  2. sounds like a wonderful time you are having. How do the prices on fabric compare to Canada and continental US

  3. Thanks for the pix! I'll be visiting Maui in May, so will be glad of your conclusions on which to visit and how prices compare.

  4. Great pics. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Wish I was there :)


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