Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bird on a Wire

My son and his wife have just bought a house...their first..very exciting.

So my DIL wanted to make some throw pillows, and I thought I should do a test run to get the sizing correct before she cut into the fabric that she purchased. I have actually never made throw pillows before!

My first pillow:

and I would include some discussion about how I made it, but it involved a lot of swearing !! I used "wonder under" to fuse down the little bits, and the only thing I wonder is how it ever got finished !! I had a lot of problems peeling the backing off all these little tiny pieces :(
Maybe I will try this again, and detail the process !

After fusing them all down (FINALLY) I stitched around the raw edges with brown thread. The wire was just stitched across with a triple stitch (on the machine), then I added the little legs. Cute, eh??

And the next one was easier...

just 2 1/2 X 4 1/2 inch strips sewn together..

then place to form the zig zag pattern..

Trim down to size this case 18"x18" making it square.Then add the backing.
For these, I made a simple envelope back...each piece 12"x18", so they overlap, with a hem on one edge..

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  1. very nice Flo...I just love the birds on a wire

  2. What an awesome way to make a chevron, using little rail fence strips! I've always used flying geese or HSTs, but then I have to deal with bias edges. And the birds on a wire are so cute!


  3. Great pillows Flo and very original. Love the birds on a wire.

  4. Really cute. Birds of one of my favorites.

  5. I think you did a great job! You know that I not only don't sew, I don't even wish I could sew...until I started looking for fall throw pillows online this week. They are so expensive! It did make me wish I could just "whip up" a couple.

  6. Oh so cute! I made a HUGE quilt out of PB & J (I see that fabric in my dreams now!)

  7. The birds are adorable! :)
    xoxo melzie

  8. oh how I love birdies! These are excellent. :)


  9. So cute! Those birds came out so adorable even if they did cause lots of naughty words :-)

  10. These are great cushions! The birds are adorable and I think your chevron pattern is great! Could be very masculine made in gray and black. Will keep that in mind for future reference. Thanks!

  11. Very cute pillows - love the birds. Did you try using a straight pin to score the backs of your pieces. Or to lift the corners? That usually helps me get the back off the fusible. :) blessings, marlene

  12. Your pillows turned out wonderfully! And there are often projects that I do that bring out the "golf" language, lol!

  13. Those birdies are just lovely, and to get the backing off those tiny pieces I pierce the backing paper with a pin which I work between the paper and the fabric.

  14. The birds are very cute! I think you should detail the process with the cursing. It would be a different kind of tutorial, for sure!

  15. Those birds are adorable. And who doesn't love a pretty yellow/white chevron. Great pillows.

  16. I love the birds - really cute. Can see the chevrons in many different colours. I'm into pillows right now and have made a few. My mind is whirling with more designs and hope to get a few of them made.


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