Tuesday, December 10, 2013

scrap playtime

Sometimes it is just fun to relax and play with scraps (especially after a week of sewing little tiny triangles and flying geese LOL)

So I played a bit!  First up, I "made" some fabric out of leftover strips...

and just straight line quilted it onto some batting..

Then made a couple of these little pouches..Best tutorial ever over at Noodlehead..the open wide pouch!

I didn't have many zippers on hand, so for a couple I had to use shorter zippers, so I added a tab to the end....

so I guess it wasn't an "open wide" pouch...but that was what I had for a zipper, so had to work with it ! :)

Great little stocking stuffers!

The next scrap project was a scrap box. When I am cutting and sewing, I like to keep a scrap box handy to toss all the trimmings and bits into. I have made these before, another great tutorial over at Sew Sisters.

I wanted this one to be a bit more sturdy, so I cut up my Cheerios box to add into the making..

On the bottom, I made a little pocket, to slide in the cardboard, and on the sides I slid the pieces in between the batting and the lining.

I added the cardboard once I had the sides sewn, then added the binding on the top.

Perfect...just what I needed!!

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  1. nice bags - I never make things like that - I don't know why - I like them

  2. Love your pieces. Very clever, that fabric box using card stock for stiffener.

  3. I love to use Noodlehead patterns for little pouches, too. Your little scrap box is so cute!

  4. Cute pouches. Love your scrap box.

  5. I must have made a dozen of those pooches. The tutorial is great. I like the scrap boot too. Good idea.

  6. Cute pouches, but I really like the scrap box. I've made baskets before, but no matter what type of interface I use, they never seem to be stiff enough for my liking. Maybe I need to raid the cereal boxes too!!

  7. It must be the season for those pouches, I have been making them, too. I haven't tried a pieced version, yet. If it keeps snowing today, I might try one.

  8. What great ideas for using up scraps! Love those!

  9. What a great idea to include some cardboard to make the sides stiffer. Nice work on those pouches, Flo!

  10. I love both the pouches and the scrap box! thanks for sharing!

  11. Hi, I love your zipper pouches, they are so nice and the little scrap box is cute as it can be. I too am a beginner . . . and a late bloomer to quilting, but I am loving it. Quilting is an easy thing to become addicted too. I am your newest follower #251 and would love to invite you over to my blog. I love making new friends and sharing creative ideas.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)


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