Wednesday, April 16, 2014

travelling home

Well, spring is almost here, so time to leave the sun and sand of Arizona, and travel back to Saskatchewan....where I think the snow is slowly melting...I hope!! It has been a bitterly cold winter there, so I can't really say that I missed being there for that, but it will be great to get home again.

We drove first to the Grand Canyon. We had never been there before. It really is breath taking! The pictures really don't do it justice either.

Then we stopped for a short visit as we drove through Salt Lake City. We were fortunate to be there for a free rehearsal of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

We are now in Calgary for a few days, then will be home in time for Easter! We are visiting my daughter here in Calgary...and yes, she is back in her apartment now (after the big flood in June/2013) and keeping her fingers crossed that there is no flooding here this spring. They are really just getting settled and have started buying new furniture etc. I suggested maybe they should buy stuff that floats LOL !!

I have now finished all of the hand applique blocks for the quilt that I had traveled with, so next I need to get them put together!

I am procrastinating because I am pretty intimidated by trying to figure out how to quilt this one!! Some of the blocks are at home, so I will have to get them all together and take a picture later. 


  1. Have a safe journey. The applique blocks are really lovely.

  2. You are certainly 'well traveled'. Safe trip home.

  3. Love that choir!!! Great work on the blocks and welcome back to home sweet saskatchewan soon!

  4. I have done the drive from Toontown to Phoenix. It's so full of different landscapes and things to see. Loved it. Your applique blocks are so pretty. The quilting can be as simple as cross-hatching. It will be beautiful.


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