Thursday, May 8, 2014

My first love

Do you remember when you first fell in love with fabric?
I do.
I used to sew clothing, but had never tried quilting, when I walked into a quilt store to look around. I was overwhelmed with the colours !  Love!!

I picked up what I later learned was a charm pack. I had no idea what it was , or what I could do with it, but I loved the colours. I dont even know what the fabric is, because over the years I took off the label and looked at them often!

So I decided it was time to use this charm pack that I actually know what it is and what I can use it for LOL.

I used a tutorial from an older QAL by Melissa over at Happy Quilting..The Happy Quilting QAL. It is a disappearing 16 patch..really fun! (Thank you Melissa)
So I added a bit of white....and made up a little quilt. It is not very big...about 50"x 60".

.and some pink dot backing...

I quilted it up using a big loopy flowery FMQ...and my "bubbles" FMQ for the borders..

I dont know if I can give this one is my "first love"

But I will link up with TGIFF.. this week over at Quilt Matters!


  1. You know you just have to keep this one. Melissa's pattern was a fun QAL an worked beautifully for your special 'first'.

  2. Very nice Flo!! I like the loopy flower

  3. You can't give that one away. I love the fabrics too.

  4. It turned out so adorable!!! What a great finish. I love the loopy flower ;)

  5. Beautiful! You should keep it. Love the fabrics!

  6. Very pretty! No wonder you caught the quilting bug!

  7. Aw, what a great story to go with the quilt. Definitely have to keep a first love! Your quilting is beautiful, Flo!

  8. What a lovely quilt, perfect for summer. I love those fabrics too, they were by April Cornell, I too used a charm pack and made a table runner.


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