Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blogger Quilt Festival - Original Design

I always love the Blogger's Quilt is sort of like watching all the movie stars on the red carpet....we see all the best and beautiful. Thank you Amy for doing this for us!!

This year I thought that I would enter my "Shark" in the  original design category .

This was designed and created for my daughter and her boyfriend.  They are big San Jose Sharks fans, and asked if I could use that as the theme.

So it started out like this...

using the logo from the San Jose Sharks as a guide.

I did not want to actually reproduce the logo....I thought having a shark with teeth on the bed might be a little unnerving  LOL!!

I found this a real challenge....very large pieces, no pattern, and little experience in trying to stylize a design!

I spent a lot of time crawling around on the floor adding and moving bits of fabric..

and finally came up with this..

I think I captured the essence of the "shark" , what do you think?
It is actually a duvet cover, so I added a envelope backing and some buttons to they can remove it for washing.
It truly was a learning experience for me, and they love it, so it was a win all the way around!

Check out all the amazing entries ....there are lots of different categories, and you can even vote for your favourite!


  1. I liked watching your progress on this and glad that you entered in the festival!

  2. Wow Flo!! I love how you used the logo to create a really cool desing! What did they think of it? You are so crafty!! : )

    1. Well, thank you! I am not sure how crafty I am though, I really struggled with this one! But it turned out well, and they did love it….said it exceeded their expectations.


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