Wednesday, December 31, 2014

finishing 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, I am intent on finishing things.
I did get my quilts finished for Christmas, one for my daughter, and one for my DIL.

The first one, for my daughter was made from "Elementary" by Moda.  It is a jelly roll quilt, and goes together nicely. I love the colours in this, and fortunately , so does she!

Elementary has lots of print, and formulas in the patterns, it is pretty cool.

The bigger quilt (and now I remember why I dont make them this big very often!!) was a very simple summer quilt for my son and DIL.  It is mostly white, with a feature of bricks of "Field Guide" across the foot.

Sorry the picture here is not very good, I had to  take it quickly before I gave it away, it is very large  and it was so cold I couldn't go outside for a photo shoot!

The other gifts I posted about were all well received as well.  We had a wonderful Christmas time, I hosted Christmas dinner for 24 people.....lots of family, lots of food, lots of noise!   And now we have a few days of quiet up at our lake cabin....lots of snow!

It was -32 C. yesterday, but today is warmer, so I might even venture out for some playtime in the snow!

Happy New Year everyone! I have the champagne chilling now :)


  1. Lovely quilt and awesome pictures...or visa versa....either way...wonderful!

  2. Your quilts are really lovely. Enjoy your time at your cottage. So pretty with the snow.

  3. I can't imagine feeling warmer at -5 than -32! Being Australian we don't get temps that low, so I don't know how you feel the difference!


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