Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WIP Wed...scrap attack continues

I am making an effort to use up scraps, and fabric I already have, rather than buy anything new.  So far , so good! OK, I know it is only Jan 7, but...... so far, so good :)

In my last post I mentioned a scrappy quilt that Debbie was making over at Stitchin' therapy, called Sonja's windows.  It uses 14" strips, which I thought would take a big chunk out of my scrap pile.  I often have long strips from trimming the backing off a quilt, so these were perfect.  It didnt take long to get quite a pile of 14' strips.....

I also trimmed down other bits to sizes that would be useful for my string blocks, and fed the rest of little scraps to my " batting bears". All in all, I made quite a dent in my pile.

You sew the strips together randomly, big enough to get a 14"x14" block

and before I knew it, I had the 10 blocks made.  They are pretty scrappy!  But because I used the long strips of scraps, there are repeats of fabric in most of the blocks, which gives it some unity.

Next step is the 1" "frame" for each block, and then the sashing.  I have a decision to make here. Again, I don't want to buy anything new for this, so here are my choices....
First...two tones of grey. A lighter frame, and darker sashing...

Second...white frame on dark grey sashing....

and Third....white frame on light grey sashing...

What is your vote...I could use some input here!!

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  1. Great scrappy blocks! My vote is for door number one...l think it lets the blocks shine!

  2. I can't believe how fast your did these up! Great mix of scrappiness. I vote for #2 as it makes the blocks pop more - they fade away with the other two.

  3. I vote for 2 as well. Great job Flo. I shall keep watching to see how you finish.

  4. So you are making a 14 inch block, then cutting it in half and sewing back together?
    Are you using the same size strips or random?
    I have a huge bag of random width strips. I've been wanting to try my hand at a spiderweb quilt for some time.

    1. Hi are a "no reply blogger" so I cannot reply to your question.
      Yes, they are 14" blocks. There is a very clear instruction and pictures on Debbie's blog if you follow the link, it will explain exactly how to do this

  5. I vote for option one. I like the two greys.

  6. Hi Flo
    I like the white with light grey sashing! Keep hoping you will motivate me to use some leftovers!

  7. I like the two shades of gray the best. I really like those scrappy string blocks, very nice!


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