Friday, October 2, 2015

catching up...back in Arizona!

I have a lot of quilts to show you!!  Sorry, I have been so negligent in posting, but have still been busy sewing.

Before we left Arizona I finished up these 3 quilts.
This one was a kit that I purchased on a road trip in the dessert.  It was Quilting Sisters shop in Payson , Arizona.  You find the greatest little quilt stores all over the place!!
I love the simple colours, reminds me of the desert!  It was all batiks, which I don;t usually use often, but really liked working with them.  Interesting how turning the blocks on point makes them look like straight lines!  Cool.

And I love the bright cheery colours in this one.  It is one of Missouri Star Quilt patterns.. I think it is called Falling Charms.  This one goes together very quickly. This was some leftover 5" squares from another quilt...great to use up all the leftovers!

And this one is special.  It was inspired by this quilt.  I made it for a good friend who has recently gone through a marriage separation, and thought she could use a quilt hug!
I spent a long time collecting a variety of green fabrics, and really like the combination.  I must admit that the diamond pattern is a bit challenging, but after a few bad words and several redo's I think it turned out pretty well.  I have now given it to her, and she tells me she loves it!  Great to hear.

More to come....I still have others to share! See you next time.


  1. All three are just marvelous. The Falling Charm is on my to-do list.

  2. Yes, this Falling Charms has caught eye too. Lovely quilts girl!
    Thanks for popping over to visit. :))


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