Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crazy quilt lady....me??!!

Have you ever had fabric that you love...so much that you cant bring yourself to cut it up into pieces...or maybe just don't have the perfect project to use such special fabric??

Well I really think I have sunk into the realm of "crazy quilt lady"!

A while back I bought a fat quarter bundle of "Origins" by Moda.
I love these colors!! And I love the bundle of fabric...but just keep looking at it and touching it, but really cant' bring myself to cut it up.

So....this is the crazy lady part....I bought a jelly roll of the same fabric so I could cut that up and use it!!
Maybe there are visiting hours in the "crazy quilt lady" asylum?


  1. Your not crazy or else we all are. There will come a time when you see a pattern and lightening will hit - and you will say 'I have the perfect fabrics for that'!!

  2. Guess I'm crazy too. I bought a collection of Kansas Troubles fabric about 5 years ago and I still haven't untied the ribbon yet. It looks so perfect all stacked up and tied!

  3. I think if you took a long strip of burlap or jute and tied a bow around the fabric roll...put it under glass, or in a wooden bowl or basket with a few wooden orbs, vintage spools or even rocks or shells...you wouldn't be a crazy quilt lady, you would be decorating!

  4. I have that problem too, I keep buying fabric and I love it so much I can't bear to use it.


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