Monday, July 18, 2011

Milk Jug Magic!

I have an hibiscus plant growing that I brought back from Maui a few years ago. You know this little souvenir bags with the little dead looking stick inside?  Well mine grew! Of course I have to keep it as a house plant, although I do put her out on the deck sometimes in the summer. She was getting kind of tall and straggly awhile back, so I cut it down and put the cuttings into a milk jug to see if they would root.

Well, they are rooting...but even more surprising is that they are BLOOMING!!

And every cutting has at least 4 or 5 buds...

It has been blooming non stop for the last couple of weeks!! And do you think that the real plant is blooming??? The one that is actually planted in dirt?? No, of course not!

Maybe they need more water than what I have been giving them....or maybe they just like the magic milk jug!


  1. How pretty! And how lucky you - I think you have a little magic along with the milk jug.

  2. what a lovely reminder of your trip to Maui


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