Saturday, April 28, 2012

I am a hit!!

Well, I went to the birthday party last night with my tote bag gift....and it was a big hit!!  (or maybe it was the bottle of wine I had tucked inside ???)

But as a result, many of the women there wanted to know if they could buy one !! YIKES!

So my daughter (who is a professional photographer) is helping me design business cards!!  They are going to be so pretty !! (not these LOL)

I also have to figure out how much to charge. I have been checking out some Etsy stores, just to get an idea. I have never sold my stuff before, and don't want to overprice it...or undervalue it either.
I was thinking about $45 or $50 each???

Any suggestions?


  1. Your bags are wonderful, and that they are priced right. Good luck. You never know where something will take you. I seem to remember that you had another bag that you made quite frequently-----maybe you have a little business going here.

  2. It's no wonder they wanted to buy one - they are beautiful! Pricing is difficult because we always tend to undervalue our work. A friend of mine used to sell in craft shows. She says you have to figure out how long it takes to make one from start to finish, including the cutting, ironing etc. Multiply the hours by how much money you think you should get per hour. To that figure add the cost of all your supplies. That should give you a pretty good idea of how much to charge ;)

  3. They do looks great!
    Maybe you should do a survey with them and ask how much they would be willing to pay for one, taking into consideration that it's handmade =D

  4. You see I said your bags were great and that you were clever didn't I. Congratulations. :))

  5. Good for you Flo!!! I really love the bags too. I think the price is right!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Love your bags! I think the price is right too. Good luck

  7. Beautiful bag! When our local ladies at the quilt shop were making them and selling them, they were $45.00...but fabric has also jumped since then so $50.00 would not be unreasonable. Good luck.

  8. great bag Flo!
    looks like you are getting a lot of advice. Sew I will add a little as well.
    Your price of cost per bag may vary to the price of fabric. I always figure out what it cost first, using the most expensive fabric I have on hand ( I think that is where we find ourselves under pricing, because we have it on hand sew it did not cost us much )At one point I would just double that cost.
    But since then I found that you may have to add a bit more sew that you are getting paid for your time, as mentioned in earlier comments. (great feed back from the ladies)
    It is surprising how much they cost when you just look at the supplies.I found that out when teaching my tote bag class.
    Good luck with your beautiful "wine" totes :)
    in stitches

  9. I'm not surprised at all -- those bags are awesome! $45-50 sounds about right, but check how much your supplies cost first. Good luck! I guess that means you won't be doing a tutorial on them, eh? Bummer for me. :)


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