Sunday, April 22, 2012

Phoenix fun

We really enjoy our time down in Arizona...of course it is hard not to when it is still snowing back home!!

The cactus are just starting to bloom...

They have such delicate pretty!

We took a day trip out to Payson, which is about an hour from our place.  The scenery changes from desert to more rocky terrain.

We went in a short hike to a "natural bridge" in Tonto National is the  world's largest travertine natural bridge, formed by a small stream flowing through a shady canyon ..... very cool...
This arch is about 180 ft high and 400 ft long. The bridge on top is 100 ft thick!!
You can read about it here.

And found a great little quilt shop too!!

so of course had to buy something to remember our trip !! (really!!)

I dont usually buy kits, but they had this quilt on display, and it was so lovely, I thought I would try making one. But really, maybe it is better anyway, because my math is so bad I usually end up with way to much fabric! (if there is such a thing!! I guess it is just adding to my scrap boxes right?)

And I always have to make a trip to my favourite quilt store right in Phoenix when we are there.

This place is great!! So much selection, and great people working there too!


  1. Wow the quilt shop looks great! If only they would get one where I live! =D

  2. fabric shopping at quilt shops is always fun - I always try to do that when I travel as the closest shop to me is 85 miles away! Phoenix looks wonderful - one day!

  3. Arizona is so pretty this time of year when the desert is blooming. What fun quilt shops to visit, wish I was there.

  4. Glad you enjoyed your time there, but it's nice in Saskatoon as well, isnt it? I think our airplanes passed in the night, m

  5. WOW! Sounds lie a fabulous trip and a quilt shop thrown in as well - enjoy!


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