Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday finish catch up

I haven't accomplished a whole lot in the past while...l

But I have finished a few little baby quilts. Some of these are gifts, and some are to give to the Children's Cottage in Calgary, and some are just because! :)  You have seen most of these in progress before.

This was my first machine appliqué attempt..

And this was my second one...  both of them now repaired with a zigzag stitch after washing :(

Then just a quick and easy strip quilt...

And one of my favourite..

this little hour glass in pink..
So I am linking up to TGIFF over at Amy's Crafty Shenaigans today..


  1. These are all really sweet Flo! I like the hour glass too.

  2. Lovely baby quilts, all will be greatly loved, I know. The owl makes me smile!

  3. That hour glass quilt is beautiful. Love the colour and look, such a lovely combination.

  4. And you were afraid of HSTs at one time! Look at that lovely hour glass quilt!!

  5. Very nice quilts. I have a thing for giraffes and find him really cute. The hour glass is so soft and feminine looking. Great work.

  6. I love your applique but I especially LOVE the hourglasses! Thank you for linking up to TGIFF!

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