Friday, August 30, 2013

Triangle finish!

I seem to be stuck on triangles lately!! And I have a finish to link up!
Here is my triangle quilt...

The fabric is Moda PB& it!

I just used straight lines to quilt it..echoing the triangles, and then straight (sort of straight!) lines in the borders.

And when you are making a triangle quilt, you have to cut off all the edges to make it square. It seemed like such a waste, so I sewed them all together..

and made a strip of interest on the backing. .

The backing fabric is a fun "cheater print" that looks like patchwork...cute (and easy !!)

This quilt is to be given to some friends in Calgary, who took my daughter, her boyfriend and dog in after the flood. (Yes, she is still least 3 more months while they rebuild the condo!!)
 Linking up to over at Pippa's Patch.


  1. Oooh, this quilt is quite lovely! And I love that extra strip in the backing. I always feel terrible cutting the extra off! :)

  2. ohhh I love this quilt, I'm in the middle of a triangle quilt, I wondered about making it a zig zag edge, it's such a shame to cut them all off but think it'll need borders to make it big enough. Thanks for linking up :)

  3. Ooh, yes! I love that colour palette, Flo! And that you used the scraps from the front for the back. Sweet!

  4. This is so pretty Flo! Yes, you can leave those triangle edges and bind them for a really interesting edge - but, love how you used your trims on the back.

  5. Great quilt! The colours are wonderful.

  6. Love your triangles quilt. Hugs

  7. I love how the triangles look when they are all together. Great fabrics and quilting too.

  8. Very warm looking fabric line and looks great in these triangles. So sorry to hear your daughter is still living in limbo, though I'm sure limbo has been a pretty darn nice place to be. Hopefully she can get back into her own place, soon, as start rebuilding. You probably have a lot of quilt replacements to build, too. I'll bet this PB&J quilt will be much appreciated and loved.


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