Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Easy Charm Pack baby quilt

I seem to need a steady supply of baby quilts for gifts, and sometimes need to whip one up quickly. So here is a really quick and easy baby quilt using a charm pack. This is certainly not a new or original design, but I love the finished look.

one charm pack
1 yard background fabric (can get by with .8 yd, if you are careful)
1.25 yards backing
baby size quilt batting.
binding (1/3 yard)

From the background fabric cut:

  • 11 strips WOF at 1-1/2" - 
    • from these cut these some of the  strips into 32-  5" pieces.
  •  four 8-1/2" squares
  •  two 4-1/2" squares

You will need 41 of the charm pack squares, so pick one out and save it for another day ....or the label??
Pick out 9 of the charms and set them aside for now.
For the remaining 32 charm squares, sew one of the 5"x 1.5" strips onto one side of each.

Lay them out in a pattern that you like...using the 9 charm squares without the white strip as the outside end piece of the row.  When you are satisfied with the layout, sew the rows together, joining the little white strips to the adjoining block.

Now for the setting triangles!
The setting triangles used to really scare me...and although the math is possible, it is really not necessary....when there is such a great chart here by Bonnie at Quiltville.  She gives you all the sizes for each block size, both for the side triangles and the corners. It makes it so easy !!

So here for the sides, you need 4 squares measuring 8-1/2" Now you may notice that the chart calls for 8-3/8", but I have learned from previous experience is that is easier to round up to the next 1/8" inch. You will be trimming them down anyway.

Take your 8-1/2" squares, then cut them across both diagonals to make 4 triangles from each square. So you will have a total of 16 side triangles.

For the corners you need the 2 squares that are 4-1/2" , and cut them across one diagonal. You will now have 4 triangles, one for each corner.

Lay out the rows with these triangles on the ends of your rows,
Start by sewing the side triangles onto the end of each row..

Sew the corner triangles on last. This charm square will already have the two side triangles sewn on.
 Centre the corner triangle on the end...

 Sew it in place and trim off the dog ears..
Then press and trim to make the edges even..

Once you have all the pieces for each row sewed together, add the white sashing strip to one side of each of the middle rows.You will need to join two white strips together for the longest rows.

Then sew the rows to each other.
Be sure to line up the white sashing as you join the rows together.
Trim off the edges

This finishes at about 39" square.

You could add a border to this if you wanted to, but I am just leaving it this size..Just add batting and backing and binding...and it is ready to cuddle!

The charm pack was "Sunnyside" by Kate Spain. I used minky on the soft!

 And for the binding I found this bright "Snap Pop" by Sandy Gervais

Hope you have fun making one of these!

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  1. Thanks for the clear and easy instructions! I seem to be needing a lot of baby quilts lately, and this is perfect!

  2. That's so cute. I love that fabric line, and although it's not the cleanest to work with nothing beats mink backing!

  3. That's a great one Flo!!! quick and looks adorable

  4. Great tutorial, Flo. I will certainly be making one (or more) of these. Thanks!

  5. so simple, but so pretty! it will be really nice to use for some lucky baby,

  6. Thank you for the tutorial, that certainly is a nice pattern, not only for a baby quilt!

  7. What a great tutorial, Flo! I've got a bunch of charm packs tucked away just waiting for something like this! Thanks!


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