Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A journey into duffle bags

I have always admired those of you who have tackled the famous Weekender Bag.  I am not sure I am that brave...or that patient!

But when my daughter asked if I could make some kind of tote bag for her for weekend trips because she was just using a Lululemon bag, I thought I would try something simpler but useful.  I found several patterns and tutorials, but of course had to tweek them and come up with my own! (Why cant I just learn to follow a pattern!!??)

I used home deco weight fabric from the discount wall.  Really you can get some great stuff there...60" wide ..for $5 / metre!  Great choice for trying out something new. (Some how I didn't get pictures of the first one I made...but this is the one for younger daughter, who wanted one too! )

I added a zipper pocket inside.  There is a great tutorial on how to do these here...surprisingly...they are really easy!

I also added a slip pocket on the outside ...

I used quilt batting and quilted it to the lining before putting it together. I added a cardboard insert into the bottom, covered with an envelope style pocket, to give it some structure. The bag is about 22" x 12" x  9".  It is actually quite big, and holds a lot!

Of course when I told my DIL about it, she laughed...because my son has been using a grocery tote!! (what is wrong with my kids???)  So I had to make one for him too!!

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  1. Those are great bags. I must try making a weekend tote.

  2. Great bags! I'll have to try making one one of these days.

  3. you did a great job with the duffels - they are such a great size bag.

  4. Love these bags! Very cute and usable! What pattern did you end up using?

  5. Those are great bags! I've got a very similar pattern and love the size and usefulness! And I laughed because my son's go-to carrier is a shopping bag! :D

  6. Great work!! And good idea with the fabric.

  7. Love the bags - I've only done the simplest kind, hobo style or orphan blocks with a pieced side panel that I bind the seams. I love that you've made stuff your kids will USE! Perhaps I should jump on the tougher bag bandwagon and see how I do....


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