Thursday, November 6, 2014

starting a Field Guide quilt

So I am busy trying to finish up some projects...hopefully for Christmas gifts...if I can get them finished before we leave for Arizona!

I found some really beautiful fabric (OK....lots of beautiful fabric...but I restrained myself!)  This is called "A Field Guide" by Moda.

Moda A Field Guide

 My DIL wanted a fairly simple summer quilt in neutrals, so I loved the creams, soft greys and greens in this line.

I used large "bricks" for a 30" band across the middle of a large white background.

 I have it sewn together and basted.  (And now I remember why I dont make many 100" quilts!!!!!!)  But anyway, got that done, and just have to quilt it! That will be another manhandling job, I am thinking! Oh well...that is for another day.

Also a heads up... watch for another fun week of Blogathon Canada sponsored by Sew Sisters!
Coming soon !

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  1. I'm loving that fabric. Looking forward to the finish once you're able to emerge from quilting the beast!!


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