Friday, November 6, 2015

Vico anyone? and FEATHERS!!!!

Do you remember Vico?  That delicious chocolate milk that we used to drink as kids?  I lived on a farm, so we didn't get this treat very often, and so I thought it was extra special.

Anyway, the soft brown in this quilt reminds me of Vico so that is what I keep calling it when I refer to it!

This was a layer cake (Papillon by Moda) that I had been saving because I couldn't decide what to do with it.

I decided to try out the layer cake HST's....easy peasy!!  I have since found a Missouri Star Tutorial that explains the technique (love those tutorials!!)  Basically, you put 2 - 10" squares RST, sew all the way around the outside, then cut across on both diagonals.  And have 4 HST!   I have been using a lot of HST lately, there are so man options for the layout that totally changes each look. For this one, I off-set the square.

I have to admit, when I got it sewn together, I wasn't really happy with it.
It was very pastel, very soft, very pink and blue!
BUT I found some brown for the border, and it changed the whole look!! (seems like I am using a lot of brown these days....and I never use brown!! Must be a phase I am going through! )

I was a bit short for my backing, so had to add a little strip of contrast in to make it big enough..

I quilted it with my "go-to" echoed teardrop pattern all over...

AND ..... I tried ou tFEATHERS in the border!!!!!!   Yes, I did!!!  Not perfect, but it was my first try.

It was a learning experience and I think I will tell you all about it in another post.  I learned a lot, but still need lots of practice!

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  1. Very nice quilt! I love the combination of brown and light blue.
    XOXO from die Stoeckeline

  2. Lovely job on the quilting - I cannot master feathers in stitch or pencil.

  3. Love it, such fabulous color palette. Great quilting.

  4. Vico! It was what we ordered, too, on those rare occasions when we stopped at a cafe in the big city! I recall having an exchange student from Guelph, Ontario who obviously didn't know what Vico was. He thought it was wonderful how the waiter brought a complimentary glass of chocolate milk with your meal!

    Congrats on the feathers! Good for you! They look great! I also read with keen interest, your process post. Good to know. Thanks. I have not learned to FMQ yet, crazy as that is. I might even try this weekend. I've put together a practice piece. Wish me luck!

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