Friday, December 31, 2010

Like Christmas all over again!

I received an amazing box this week from Green Fairy Quilts

I am so excited! It is like having a Christmas present all over again....even though I did order it myself.  I had never ordered fabric online before, so was a bit cautious, but it was so easy, and there were lots of pictures and lots  of specials too. Cant wait to order more...but guess I had better get busy and finish a few things..........and maybe start a few new ones that I have lined up in my head !
And the best thing is there is a BIG giveaway over there!! It is a Dilly Dally layer cake and Dilly Dally jelly roll, so check it out !! Although I am sure that I will win at least one of them LOL. I love those clean bright colours, and I already have plans for it !!! mmmm or maybe....I could order some and get it in the mail. :)


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