Thursday, August 4, 2011


We are still up at our cabin at  the lake. We have had lots of the kids come up and stay, so lots of play time...

and my hollyhocks are in full bloom...

Everyone has gone home now, so I spent some time today sewing, and I think I might be addicted.....
to making those little baskets...(guess it could be worse!)

I also added the vertical stripes to the Origins strip quilt. I won't even tell you how long that took me....due to my  extraordinary math skills!! I made a calculation error, but fortunately had some extra of this fabric to make the corrections!  I have to admit (quietly) that I didn't actually buy this pattern, just loved the picture. But I give them full credit for the design. But of course if I had bought the pattern, I would not have made these stupid calculation errors!! Oh well, live and learn.

So now I need your opinion!  Border or no border????

This is the top as it is right now, and as it appears in the pattern..(yes, those are my sparkly pink flip flops on the is windy up here)

And this is what I could use for a border..

What do you think??


  1. Love your Hollyhocks - for some reason mine didn't come up this year - moles?? I loved to watch the hummingbirds feed in them.

    Great little baskets. The Oasis quilt is just beautiful and I like the green you chose for the border.

  2. Your lake and the hollyhocks look gorgeous! I like th quilt both ways so I am really no help to you making the decision! Sorry!

  3. As much as I love that green, I think I like it better without the border, maybe the green as the binding? It's a great looking quilt! How nice to spend some time on the water!


  4. I like the green border.
    Party on girl :D

  5. I love your little baskets!! I like the quilt with the border! Great job!

  6. I would do green for the binding.

    I hope to work out the math for it to work with my sherbet pips jelly roll- i think I would like to that same pattern


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