Monday, August 22, 2011


I had a layer cake of "Etchings" by Moda..

Love all the muted colors with splashes of red.
I didn't really have a plan in mind, but wanted to highlight some of the really cool fabric...maps of Paris...blueprints of elevations of buildings...

so I started cutting, leaving a 5" square, and the rest into 2.5" strips- one 10", two 7.5", and one 5"

I cut 3 layers at once and then I mixed them up so each block had each of the 3 prints...

Then starting with the 5" square, and adding the 5" strip first..

then the same fabric 7.5" strip...

then the third fabric for the next 7.5" and 10" strips...

trimming off the little bits from the edges...

Voila! That is my block! It finishes at 9.5" .
And the great thing about this is that there is hardly any waste.....just a little pile of the edge trimmings left from the whole Layer cake!! Nice!!

Not sure yet if I will add some sashing or just sew them together in a random fashion (well as close to random as I do!!).
Stay tuned : )


  1. OOOO - I have an Etching layer cake and this looks so cool!

  2. Great use of a layer cake! I never know what to do with them, so thanks for the idea!

  3. Very nice, Flo! Very pretty collection of fabrics. I look forward to seeing this one come together :D

  4. Great quick and easy use of a layer cake - I might follow your lead - when I get time........

  5. Another great idea! I am never going to get to all the ideas swirling in my brain! Thanks for sharing.


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