Sunday, August 21, 2011

I see apple pie in my future..

I guess it is a sign that summer is coming to an end....the apples on my little tree at the cabin are starting to fall off, so I guess it is time to pick them. Last year I only got an ice cream pail full...but they seemed to over achieve this year.....

I think I see a lot of apple pie, apple muffins, apple betty....maybe I will be browsing for some new apple recipe ideas too!!

I did have a little visitor too....

this little guy flew into the front window, and landed on the chair below. He seemed a little dazed for a few minutes, but didn't seem to be hurt, and flew away again after several minutes.


  1. How wonderful to have so many apples! Our climate isn't cold enough to grow good apples. Love the little bird, you caught a great photo of it too!

  2. Look at all those apples - lucky you. I love apple pie. Mmmmm. What a cute wee visitor to get.

  3. Our trees are dropping too - 6 miniatures (well one is a mis-marked tree that is now 40 feet tall). I have a tub waiting to be processed tomorrow - the apple smell thru the house is wonderful - apple and cinnamon, smells of fall.

  4. Wow! That's a lot of apples from one tree. I agree with Sharon. Apple and cinnamon smell are wonderful. I think they say home :D

  5. Oh yum!!! Apple pie - sounds scrumptious! Cute little bird and great photo!

  6. Eplepai er så deilig ! Epler kan man bruke til mye og vi bare elsker epler :)
    Nydelig fugl du fikk besøk av :)
    Ha en fin dag, klem.


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