Thursday, September 22, 2011

never as easy as it looks!

Well I got my laptop back yesterday....with my old hard drive packaged up in pretty cellophane HaHa!
But of course because it is a new hard drive, I have to re configure my email, find a product key to register with Microsoft (I know it must be in my files somewhere ????) and re-enter all my email contacts....and where will I find those ????

Oh well, it will all come together eventually!
I have been having some fun in the sewing room though!
I decided to try to make quilted coffee cup sleeves (like from Starbucks) to add to the kids Christmas stockings. How hard could that be..right??

So I snagged one as I was passing by and used it as a template. I am sure that there are patterns or tutorials out there somewhere, but I just started playing~!

I used scraps of fabric and batting..

I tried several different approaches too. First I cut one with an extra 1/4" seam allowance and sewed one Right sides together, and then tuned it right side out and topstitched it..

Then I tried cutting one exact size and cutting bias binding to cover the edges..

Then I did the same but used packaged bias tape...and I used a zig zag stitch ... (aren't those little birds just the cutest!!)
I tried to ease the bias binding around the corners on the green one, but on the white one I did a mitred turn on each corner like you would on a quilt, and I think it looks a bit neater.

The ones with binding are a bit larger and more bulky, but I like the added color. The other one is smaller, and probably easier to tuck into your purse or backpack.
Now I have to go out and actually buy a cup of coffee to try these out and see if they fit !!
I was thinking originally that I could use a Velcro closure, but now I think I will just stitch them closed. The paper ones are glued together, so a solid sleeve should be ok.

Off I go to buy a Latte...or maybe a Carmel Maccichino..or something equally as fancy and decadent!!


  1. They are so nice, aren't you clever. Computers are a pain are they not. Bit like cars - they are ok when they are working lol.

  2. Cute little play time sewing. Love the bird fabrid, too.

  3. Great little stocking stuffers. For me, sometimes the things that look so easy are the most difficult. Looks like you figured this one out. Great.

  4. Good luck with all the computer stuff - cute little coffee holder thingy!


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