Thursday, September 15, 2011

Well, I thought I was back!

I am home from computer died the day after I got home! Of course after I had uploaded all my pictures from Scotland.....but before I backed them up onto my external hard drive!

Do you all back up your computer everyday? I know I should, but just don't bother ....and now I see why I should have been more disciplined about that.

I have taken the laptop into the computer hospital, and they tell me the hard drive needs to be replaced! Doesn't sound good :(

So for the meantime....I can read blogs on my iPad, but it is more difficult to post and add pictures. I am here...really!


  1. Oh what a bummer!! Just what you need when you come back from your hols. Never mind at least it can be fixed.

  2. what a shame! Glad to have you back tho!


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