Thursday, May 3, 2012

McCall's Design Challenge

My Blogger friend, Annette, over at In Stitches & Seams, has entered the McCall's Quiliting Design Challenge.

Her quilt, called "Jewels of the night",  is just  beautiful...

I love the rich, dark blues, and the "starry night" feel to to pattern.

Why don't you pop on over and have a look at all the entries, and vote for her. You can vote everyday too!! There are 3 levels to this challenge, so lets help Annette get through to the next level :)


  1. Voted! Love her design and the fabrics are so luscious.

  2. Thank you to Flo and all the other Bloggers out there at are supporting me in this quest. It's a first for me and sew nice to have friends out there
    in stitches

  3. Very rich looking quilt. I voted!

  4. Annette's quilt is amazing , I have been voting everyday and hope she is successful in winning this challenge . Very talented !!


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