Thursday, January 10, 2013

Briar Rose finish

Another finish...although I consider these last 2 as part of 2012. They were really almost finished, and just waiting to be now they are done!!

I absolutely love this one..

I am not even sure why I am so drawn to this, I am not really a "pink" person....have nothing pink in my closet, or my house!  But I absolutely LOVE the look of this!

It is a free jelly roll pattern from England Street Quilts, called Briar Rose.  I followed her lead, and used a Strawberry Fields (by Moda) jelly roll. ..that is the last of my Strawberry Fields fabric too. :(

The pattern is clear and easy to follow, and goes together with no problems.

For the back, I made an extra block for some added interest...

The quilting, done on my home machine (Janome Horizon) was big loopy flowers, and circles on the borders.  (that smudge is snow on my camera lens...ooopps !)

The backing fabric and binding was from the half price wall at my LQS...sorry, not sure what it is, but thought it finished this off nicely. Of course it looks great in the snow...and my fingers are starting to unthaw...not to worry!!

 (is unthaw a word?  wouldn't "unthaw" mean to freeze???  maybe it should be  unfreeze??? mmmm... just wondering)

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  1. Ooh lovely quilt! Love the little block on the back of the quilt too!

  2. Just gorgeous! I'm hoping that one day I will be brave enough to do big swirly circle quilting!! Oh and I LOVE the snow! Especially since it's 38 degrees Celsius in Melbourne today!

  3. I love any Fig Tree fabrics, but this line is my favorite. This is just so sweet, who couldn't fall in love with it! Very nicely quilted and love the pieced back - just enough!

  4. that's a pretty quilt and great to have a finish isn't it. I have one right now that I am almost done with that should have been finished in 2012 but I wasn't fast enough and it will be the first one finished in 2013 instead

  5. I love pink. Beautiful quilt. Beautiful quilting. Love the snow setting. Great finish, Flo.

  6. Loved seeing this beauty Flo! It looks nice with the background of snow too!

  7. I use pink quite a lot in my quilts yet I'm so not a pink person...I think it's because it's a warm colour and warm works here. You love your quilt because it's a beautiful finish. The snow is perfect to show it off. Enjoy and happy Friday!

  8. I haven't used much pinks in any quilta, and looking at your quilt I'm wondering why I don't. It is beautiful. Do neighbours look at you weidrly when you lay a quilt out in the snow to take pictures? lol


  9. I'm glad to have seen this one IRL! It's a beaut!

    "Unthaw" was a regular course of argument between my husband and me after we were married. He was always taking something out of the freezer to "unthaw" and I was always explaining to him that it's "thaw - just "thaw". He continues to say "unthaw" and I think I do sometimes now, too! We had the same ongoing issue over "regardless" and "irregardless". I think I ultimately lost that one, too. The one I'm not so sure of Patti just blogged about by chance and that's "knit" or "knitted". I think it's "knitted" but it sounds better to me to say "knit". If we cared enough I guess we would Google it, wouldn't we?


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