Sunday, January 20, 2013


here we are...this is the view from our room....

I will be in Maui for the next 3 weeks. I know you are all very is a tough life!

I dont have a sewing machine, sort of going through quilting withdrawal!! I do have my "Webster's tulip" appliqué with me though, so maybe I will get some more blocks done on that while I am here. I probably won't have much to post, but will be reading blogs to keep up to date on what all of you are doing out there!

The weather here is almost perfect all the time...highs of 24, lows of 22!! And best of all NO SNOW!!
I love it here!

And I love all the flowers too. My favourite are the hibiscus..lots of different colours..
So beautiful!
Anyway...I will be relaxing on the beach for awhile...see you later!


  1. It looks wonderful Flo! So relaxing.
    Today you are missing -29C and an windchill of -37C. I'd definitely stay for another 3 weeks!

  2. I am jealous...would love to visit Hawaii, but afraid the flight is so long....the pictures are beautiful

  3. Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy every relaxing moment We lived four years on the island of Oahu on the beach of the North Shore. Loved it----Miss it.

  4. Oh it was be awful for you there Flo! ;-) Have an amazing vacation and keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay with the applique :-)

  5. I had to look up the 22 and 24 to convert first I thought I read it wrong! We woke up to single digits this morning and windchills below zero. If I hadn't been in 80 degree temps for Christmas, I might hate you! Not really, just happy for you that you have returned to paradise. Enjoy!!

  6. Beautiful flowers! So nice to see! I've been flower starved. Have a fantastic holiday in paradise!


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