Saturday, June 1, 2013

back on Canadian soil

We have been travelling for the past few weeks, and I didn't take my laptop, so feel really out of touch!  We are back in Canada now, getting closer to home!

We started off in Scotland...mostly visiting family there.
But I do love castles!! This is Stirling Castle, near Glasgow..

There is something fascinating about old stone buildings.. So much history here!

Then we spent a few days in Marrakesh! It was truly an experience of sights and sounds!
The streets are windy and narrow, and busy with bicycles, motor scooters, people and cars...all milling together, in seemingly no particular order!

oh...and the many donkey carts mixed in..

The Souks (markets) are crowded, busy and a bit overwhelming!! There is anything for sale there that you could imagine.. and they are all intent on selling something to you!!

The Medina (old town) is surrounded by a wall...

with several beautiful gates..

and some storks nesting on top of  one of them...

We stayed at a Riad in the Medina..owned by Annabella and her husband .... who I found through her blog at Life's Rich Pattern.  It was certainly a very peaceful escape from the hustle and noise of the streets..

Then we went back to London, England, to visit more family!
We went to an outdoor concert of the London Symphony Orchestra in Trafalgar square...

and a Jazz concert in  the crypt of St Martins in the Field Church.
and lots of walking ..... exploring Hyde Park..

....Kensington Palace..

They must feel the need to remind us North Americans which way the traffic is running..this is printed at every crosswalk!!

Then back to Canada!! Great trip!
We are in Alberta for a week, then back home again....and then I get to touch my sewing machine again :)
It's been a LONG time!!


  1. We saw Trafalgar while we visited family, too. It was busy with people walking all over, but you had a concert!!! How wonderful.

  2. Thanks for the whistlestop tour - you must be exhausted! Glad you are back on home soil safe and sound - you must be missing your machine :)

  3. Marvelous pictures and travelogue. Would love to go to Scotland someday, been to England and loved it.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Great pictures. I would love to go to those places someday.

  5. So nice to hear that you've been enjoying your trip. Marrakesh looks very exotic! Continued safe travels!


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