Friday, June 7, 2013

Total Splurge!

As you know, I have been away from home for the past 5 weeks...and really suffering sewing machine withdrawal. So......I just happened to stop in  at my favourite quilt store in Edmonton, Quitler's Dream ...and that was probably a dangerous thing to do!! Given my vulnerable withdrawal state ..LOL

I bought a little travel sewing machine!! YIKES!

But is is so small and cute...and only weighs 12 pounds! I thinks my purse weighs more than that!!
And it was on sale for half could I pass that up??

They had used several of these for a workshop...for a few hours! So were selling them off at a great price!

So then I had to buy a few accessories, like a small cutting mat and rotary cutter..and some fabric of course!!
I got busy right away,in my hotel room, and whipped up a little baby quilt top to get my "fix" feels better!!

This is a very simple  quilt..just strips of different fabric, the width of fabric, sewn together, but I think it is pretty cute! And it is the first creation on my new little "Baby Jen"

So that is great finish for me !! my first in a long time!!
I am going to link up to TGIFF over at Quokka Quilts today!


  1. She is BEAUTIFUL! Half price. Lucky you!
    Sweet baby quilt. too.

  2. Good for you!! It's what you enjoy; and she is lovely...

  3. I think all quilters should have 2 machines, just for such emergencies! You will use your travel machine quite often, I'm sure. Next time you will probably take some stash along, too. Love the baby quilt!

  4. I'm smiling at you with your new 'travel' machine as it looks very like my Janome - is it a QXL605? I love mine and I'm sure you'll love yours :) The baby quilt is lovely!

  5. lol! quilting withdrawal has a lot to answer for! Just ask my stash! Congrats on your new little machine. Much nicer for hauling around for sure! And cute baby quilt.

  6. glad that you are no longer suffering Flo ;)
    Cute little machine, I am sure you will keep it busy.
    in stitches

  7. Which one!? Which one!? I love having more than one machine. I was embarrassed when I bought the 'first' second machine. lol. Now I have a couple of second machines... and my eye on the big new bling bling Janome. I tell ya... they BETTER not have a big sale anytime soon.
    Looking forward to seeing you again!!!

  8. It is cute as a button ( the machine AND the quilt) ;-)
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com

  9. You can't beat a Jonome....what a great buy...

  10. Good for you on a 'finish'! There's no better feeling than taking a last stitch on a quilt. I know that comes with the binding, but a finished quilt top is such a good feeling too.


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