Wednesday, June 19, 2013

If I can do triangles...why not diamonds?

I really love the HST quilt that I finished for my nephews wedding. And I really enjoyed the process too! For the most part the points all matched up, and it went together nicely.

So....I have always loved "Diamond" quilts, and thought that if I could do HST...why not try diamonds? I picked up some inexpensive fabric to try this out. I read lots of blogs, and tutorials. Some of them had complicated ways to calculate the size of the diamonds, but I didn't have a particular size in mind, so went an easier route.

Start by cutting 4" strips, WOF, of several fabrics..

Then cut the end of the strip off at a 45 degree angle. There are 2 ways to easily get that, both actually doing the same thing...just how you look at it.
One is to line up the strip on the cutting mat and use the 45 degree line on the cutting mat...

The other is to use the 45 degree line on the ruler..lined up along the bottom of the strip.....
 I think this is probably more accurate.

Either way, you end up with a strip with the end angled off at 45 degrees.

Next, place your ruler so the 45 degree angle that you just cut is along the 4" line on your ruler, and cut..

And you have a diamond!!

Now, make a gazillion more!

Lay them out in a pleasing pattern...or if you are like me...spend a few hours tweaking the random arrangement!

Then comes the sewing together!! Remember that the edges are on the bias, so handle very carefully, or they will stretch. When you sew the rows, you are actually taking the diagonal row.

I found it difficult to keep everything in order. I cant count how many times I ripped this apart and tried again :(

When you put the diamonds together, right side facing, be sure to overlap the pointy ends

 so your seam starts in the correct place..

It should finish with an even edge...

not like this... (yes, I ripped a few of these out too !)

When you are sewing the rows together, the good news is that these rows stretch because they are bias edges, so you can ease the points to match up. The bad news is that these rows stretch, so it can be challenging!!

All in all, it is going together pretty well..

But there are a couple of mismatches in the middle!  ...can't explain this one!

I think I will just chalk it up to practice and experience! Maybe I could even say it adds some home made character...right???

Anyway, that is what I am working on this week.  How about you?
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  1. So glad you are taking on new techniques, spreading your wings. An I can attitude will make you a more well rounded quilter.

  2. You have given me some hope for my 60 degree diamond idea... I thought it might be way beyond my skill set, but you just gave me some confidence. Yours looks great!

  3. I was just looking into doing a diamond quilt. Thanks for sharing this. Great pictures and helpful info!


  4. I really like this Flo....I've worked with diamonds a lot; but always to make a lone star or something similar...this is a great idea!!

  5. It will be a beautiful quilt.Thanks for the tips!

  6. this is gorgeous...I am trying triangles for the first time right now

    Stopping by from the WIP hop :)

  7. It is lovely Flo , thanks also for explaining the process , I have never worked with diamonds but your tutorial makes me want to at least try.

  8. oh gosh that looks hard to piece!!


    I couldn't do it. There may be a speed piecing way to do it with presewing stirps... but I bet there would be a LOT of waste.

    Did you get an entry into the quilt show??


  9. Your diamond quilt is looking great! They aren't easy to work with. Sometimes starching or Best Pressing the heck out of them helps the bias edges from stretching. Anyway, the few I've done were a little (cough) topographical but quilted out just fine.

  10. Thanks for the instructions, Flo, oh you of many sewing machines! I'm still diamond-wary but hope to try my first triangles this summer. Bias edges (shudder).

  11. Thanks for the great tips. The quilt is looking great.

  12. Thanks for tutorial! Have been meaning to try diamonds.


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