Monday, November 28, 2011

Green belt

Wow! There is an amazing trail system right through the middle if Scottsdale!

It is called the Scottsdale Greenbelt and it goes for about 25 miles apparently!
It is beautiful...goes through several parks, past little lakes an golf courses. It is quite flat so very easy to bike.
 We packed our bikes up into our rental car...fondly referred to as the "sugar cube"  (Kia Soul)

I thought this little car was really ugly when I first saw it, but it kind of grows on you, and has actually been very handy! But I digress....

The trail was well marked, and easy to find our way back to the sugar cube....which is a good thing!!

We saw several tandem bikes...bicycles built for two....

I don't know if they rent them somewhere around here or what...but I see "grounds for divorce" written all over a venture like that!!

Anyway, we spent a couple of hours out biking around the trails, then packed up our bikes in the sugar cube and came home to a hot shower and a glass of wine! Perfect!


  1. Sounds like a fine day!! Your cycle track looks lovely.

  2. Sounds wonderful. I'm so out of practice, I don't know if I could ride a bike for 2 hours! The sugar cube might have to come pick me up!


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