Sunday, November 27, 2011

Small Business Saturday

I did my best to support Small Business Saturday here in the USA!! It was the least I could do right??   And I did meet my goal of finishing 3 WIP's before buying something felt I deserved a reward!

And besides, I have been golfing with my DH quite a lot.....because he loves to golf...and I like the walk in a pretty park LOL!! (and actually do OK with the golfing too)  But when you put everything you buy (read fabric here) in the context of the price of a golf all works! is what I did to support small business here in favourite quilt store here....Quiltz.

I am planning to make a quilt for our bed here at the condo....

Don't you just love those rich colours???
And this just looked like "Arizona" to I had to get some of that too.

Now I am busy browsing through quilt magazines for some inspiration ...

This is the part I struggle with...trying to decide what I am going to do with fabric that I love.

 I want to show off the prints and colours and make something that is interesting. I tend towards more "modern" designs, maybe because I am lazy..or that I am scared of triangles...but that is what appeals to me.

mmm..guess I will curl up with a cup of coffee and a pile of magazines and wait for the lightening bolt to strike!! 


  1. Love your fabrics such beautiful colours. Can't wait to see what you are going to do with them.

  2. Of course; you earned that shopping those 3 finishes...beautiful fabric, btw. If you are drawn to triangles, why not try a flying geese or a flying geese variation.I have a picture on my website...maybe have a look at it...but there are so many wonderful patterns out there...

  3. Lovely fabrics - I'm sure you will do them justice.


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