Saturday, November 19, 2011

Helloooooo out there....

I really haven't dropped off the edge of the earth....just dropped off to Phoenix for 3 weeks. I hear we escaped just in time...before a big dump of snow and a big drop in temperature!! (little happy dance here)

It is very pretty down here, warm, but not hot. Although we have been golfing in shorts and spent one afternoon sitting at the pool. We are actually in Fountain Hills, the home of the "World Famous Fountain"!!

I do have a sewing machine down here, too, but have not yet had any time to get at it. I have a quilt here that needs a binding...

This was my very first FMQ effort, last year about this time. I can see that I have improved since then, but still love this little quilt. I will try to get busy next week with some sewing.

I also have been eyeing up this mystery quilt along.. I have never joined a quilt along, let alone a mystery quilt along....and with triangle yet!!! anybody who reads this blog knows, triangles scare me!! But maybe???


  1. Looks like you are have a good time on vacation. Not as familiar with the beautiful west as much as the east in this country.
    Love your quilt! Love the colors. I'm doing more FMQ. Was afraid of it at first, but forced myself to jump in there and learn. It's fun after awhile. Go slowly, take breaks, and it's okay to make a loop here or there or cross a quilting line here and there ... unless the quilting police catch you. haha. And no two quilts will ever be alike.

  2. Bonnie's mysteries have a lot of pieces. Just tackle it bits at a time - work it in groups of 10 and pin together so you don't have to keep counting. And if your 1st one - go with her colors.

  3. Oh you lucky girl - I loved Arizone when I was there very briefly in the early 90's. enjoy!

  4. Enjoy the warmth; not going to be around forever. The quilt is beautiful...

  5. Ooo...lucky you! Three weeks sounds blissful! We have friends who own a townhouse in Fountain Hills. They rent it out now that they have built a home in Prescott. She is always trying to get us to come out there, but since I don't fly...that is one heck of a drive! Just wanted to pop in to check on you! "See" you soon! Have fun!


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