Wednesday, February 1, 2012

great little gift bag

This is a great little gift bag...and so easy to make!

it is from This tutorial at In Color Order.
I found the tutorial very clear and well explained...very easy to follow, and great pictures.

I am tucking in a few little surprises for our grand daughter... she is turning 3. :)

But I might just be making more of these. I can think of lots of good uses for them!


  1. I love these bags too - just need time to make a few

  2. I also love making those, that one is so cute!

  3. I saw that tutorial - even saved it for later, but after seeing your cute little bag, all filled with goodies, I think I need to just stop everything, and make one! If I plan ahead, I can pick up little things to fill it slowly and have it all ready for a later in the year birthday! Thanks for the little nudge!! ~karen


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