Monday, January 30, 2012

I have got to stop doing that!

I have a terrible habit of putting pins into my mouth when I am sewing. I know ....bad plan, but it is an old habit.

But I bought new pins awhile back.....and they taste funny !

When I looked at the package, it said they were made in China.
I have heard all the stories of children's toys that were imported from China being dangerous because of Toxic Cadmium (is there non-toxic cadmium????)

mmm....I wonder what Cadmium tastes like????


  1. does that mean that there is lead in the paint/color that is in the pin heads???
    I think I too will put pins off my diet....
    old habits die hard.....
    in stitches Annette

  2. hahaha.... maybe a good way to stop putting the pins in your mouth. Like putting something bitter on your finger nails to stop biting them.

  3. You are not on your own with that habit! Good luck but old habits die hard!

  4. Ah, yes, the old pins in the mouth - looks like we all do it. But I would change those pins out.

  5. I'm guilty too of that nasty habit , maybe I better change ;-)

  6. I remember a few years ago watching Ellen, and she had a viewer on who had been doing some pinning while watching one of her shows. The pin had been in her mouth and then she started laughing so much that she swallowed the pin and ended up going to the hospital. That image has always stuck in my head.

  7. I catch myself doing the same thing, then I flash back to the woman who accidently swallowed a pin. Of course that was when pin were tiny and didn't have a big head on them. Still, I don't want to swallow one. Old habits die hard, thanks for the reminder and get rid of those pins from China.

  8. I do it too, and it's so automatic I don't think I can stop! I always think of myself coughing and inhaling about 10 pins, OMG what an image! Still can't stop it though.

  9. LOL it sounds like something that we all do!


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