Thursday, January 5, 2012


Thank you all so much for all your helpful hints and suggestions!! It really is amazing how many small things you have to think about .....or forget to think about! The needle, thread, tension, cleaning the lint, and even that little disc thingy that holds the spool of thread in place (thanks Patti)!! I think I need a check list like a air plane know the pre-flight check....I will have a pre-quilt check-list! :)

Anyway...I did take in all the suggestions, cleaned out the lint (and yes, it sure does collect under there !!) changed my needle, tried a new spool of thread.

Then, yesterday, my Jenny (Janome machine) had what, in my medical opinion, was an epileptic seizure! What might that look like, you ask???
Well, all her lights started flashing, she kind of stammered several times...broke her needle and then groaned ...jammed up and stopped!
...what did I do???  Called a "Code Blue"! Blue as in that was the kind the language that I used!!

Then spent the next hour pulling bits of thread out!!

I think what happened was a small loop of the bobbin thread was loose ??? and caught in the bobbin mechanism. Don't ask me how that would happen, but the bobbin mechanism was certainly jammed. This little piece was stuck in there!

In any event....after wiggling and jiggling and whistling a all came loose. 
I cleaned it all out, changed the needle (oh, well, it was time to change it anyway!) , rethreaded the machine...and all was good!
I spent the rest of the afternoon, with NO PROBLEMS!!!  Really??? What a drama queen "Jenny" is! Just needed a little extra attention??  
Then I saw this add for the Janome Horizon...

Every Project a Journey????? Boy they sure aren't kidding !!!

p.s.  just a reminder...
***Last day for entry for my Celebration Give Away !! I will making the draw tonight!*****


  1. I had that happen to me once, and I thought I was going to blow up my machine. I called the quilting store, and I was all ready to bring it in (I live 1.5 hours away). The kind lady on the phone asked me to describe what was hapenning. Turns out the top thread had come loose of the uptake thing, and so there was no tension maintained during stitching. I felt so dumb because it was such a simple fix for a seemingly disastrous problem. Also cost me 2 needles :-(.

    Like as not, it may not be what happened to you, but it's amazing how one small miss in the threading business can really, really mess things up.

    Of course, seizures are also possible ;-)

  2. glad to hear you got it all figured out!

  3. You see, I knew there was a reason I don't own a sewing machine!!

  4. I simply adore my Janome Horizon. I hope this hasn't dimmed your Jenny love! Love your blog.

  5. LOL...I got your email; but was in the car; and didn;t get back to you...sorry. Glad to hear things are ok now....that little bit of thread in the bobbin can cause all sorts of

  6. ha ha, I know what you meant when you said the machine had a little bit of a fit... some years ago when my Janome was still a bit new to me, it did that sort of thing, and a message came on that said, "turn off machine for safety reasons". so i did! and then I took it in to the repairman to get looked at! It turned out that all you need to do is turn it off and then on again so it can reset the settings or something. (I'm still using that Janome)


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