Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I might as well enjoy it!

I am not very good at the hand stitching part of sewing. I pretty much do everything I can by machine. But when it comes to the binding, I do like the look of hand stitching it down on the back. I have tried to do it by machine, and sometimes do for baby quilts or wall hangings, but think it is much neater looking if it is hand stitched.

I have seen some bloggers that can do a great job of machine sewing it down and just catching the edge perfectly. I am not one of them! So when I spend this much time making a quilt I think that I should spend the time hand stitching the binding for a very "finished" look.

But I am quite slow....and the "Paris" quilt is quite I will be here awhile...

so I might as well enjoy it...

I also love having my little thread catcher hanging on the couch beside me...

Looks like I am all tucked in and ready for some stitching!
Now lets check out the Needle and Thread Network and Lee's WIP Wednesday


  1. do look comfy there Flo....I like to hand stitch bindings does get a bit warm under the quilt though.

  2. Looks like you are in there for the long haul - enjoy yourself. :))

  3. Maybe I could sew if I just had a little wine...or a lot of wine!

  4. i am totally HOPELESS at machine-stitching bindings...give me handstitching any day...
    and i also like doing it....

  5. you lucky thing - wish we had the needle and thread network! So jealous!

  6. I sew my binding on with a sewing machine ... but I might be tempted to sew it down it I had some warm socks and a little wine to go with my needle and thread.

  7. I'm with you on the handstitching stuff. I don't mind that my quilts have my stitches on them--and I get to think about them as I stitch and muse on the process. You do look comfy!

    Elizabeth E!


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