Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Still at the FMQ

I started "Paris" and "Prairie Meadow"  quite some time ago...

And even though it is early January I am considering these 2 quilts as 2011 I need to get them finished!!
I am done the FMQ on on now to Prairie Meadow...

I am trying a pattern that I studied and took pictures of when I was at the Saskatoon Quilt Show (thank you Kathy)..

I like these flowers!

It is actually quite forgiving, and to fill in little gaps I have added some random leaves.

And this...what is this you might ask??  well it is a rare leaf formation of this particular species of plant!

Now I am going to check out what is going on at The Needle and Thread Network and Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday!!


  1. Looks lovely, Flo. I really like the quilting pattern.

  2. Great pattern for your Prairie quilt! I have a pile waiting a turn, better get to it.

  3. The quilting is fabulous Flo. These are going to be wonderful when done!

  4. Wonderful quilting design , looks great!

  5. That's so neat, what a great pattern! I love rare foliage ;-)

  6. I love that quilting design, Flo! Beautiful!

  7. Lovely!!
    i want to know about that round red-ringed ??foot?? that's in the second to last picture....
    i've never seen it before...please tell...


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