Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday finishes

I have a finish!  Yeah!!
This is the Magic 4 Patch made from Strawberry fields. I used 2 charm packs for this one, and it finished approx 60"x70".

I finished the FMQ..just did a flowery all over pattern..

The backing is actually an Amy Butler print I found on the 1/2 price wall !! Lucky me!

And check out the binding!!

I finally broke my pattern of boring bindings and added a dash of colour! 
I think one of the reasons I had trouble adding flashy binding is that I like to add borders, and find that a contrasting binding doesn't add much if there are a couple of borders. When I looked around at quilts that I liked with different binding, I realized that most of them didn't have a border, or had a plain white border, so I tried that! I am pretty happy with it!

 Good to have one finished !! Now go over to TGIFF at Quit Matters.


  1. I really love that line, so fresh, just like a strawberry field. I like those flowers quilted in, actually echoes the strawberry flowers. AND yeah!! a dotty binding.

  2. Very pretty Flo.....I love the softness of the quilt...great color.

  3. love that binding.... great finish ... don't forget your label
    in stitches

  4. Love that fabric collection. And love your quilt!
    I used to do boring bindings all the time. Now I'm much bolder with my color selections. Love the DOTS on this one!

  5. That's so pretty! Your quilting just totally rocks - and the binding choice is terrific : ) Anything else would pale in comparison.
    Are you coming Monday night to watch the Stitch movie at guild?

  6. Looking good! Love the binding also, lucky you to find Amy Butler on sale, perfect for this quilt.

  7. Oh, that's beautiful, Flo! Great colour and fabric choices, especially that binding. It's fun to try something new, eh? Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  8. pretty colours - love that spot for the binding!

  9. This is wonderful I love the colours and your quilting is fab!

  10. Never heard of the magic four patch. Will have to check that out. Love the quilt!! The binding really works well =D

  11. Just lovely! The white border and red binding are perfect!

  12. it looks terrific! Awesome binding. Yeah, sometimes I want binding to pop out, others, to frame and act as a final border, others to blend in with the last border already there. It's an art all of its own, isn't it?


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