Monday, June 11, 2012

on my "design floor"

I am back to work on the fabric that I purchased in Newfoundland (thanks again to Andrea at Comfort Cove Designs !)

It has been in progress since then!

Anyway, I am almost finished the top, just adding borders, hopefully today, then I have to get the back ready to go.

And today the rain has stopped...temporarily anyway. Everything is very green now, and the flowers in my back yard are looking good. The lilac is just finishing..
the snow anemone are so pretty..

And my pride and little Lady-slipper is blooming....


  1. Lovely fabric Flo....husband; who know what they are thinking,

  2. I love those sage-y green fabrics! Very pretty. Our lilacs finished several weeks ago. It was an unusually poor showing for them this year. We blame the very mild winter. Yours are beautiful.

  3. gorgeous fabrics and looks like a gorgeous quilt coming along too!


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