Thursday, June 14, 2012

time for a challenge!

And the challenge is .....Name That Tune!!

Our local quilt guild had a very fun project to end off the year. We were asked to make a small wallhanging to  depict a common song! There were lots of great entries, and the night of the pot-luck supper they were all hanging on the wall, and we had to try and guess what song each was!  There were a couple that really stumped me, but they were all great and it was a lot of fun.

I got a bit carried away....I entered several !! Check here for one of mine, and one by my friend Monika from My Sweet Prairie!!

So now it is your turn....Name That Tune!!

And to make it more fun....the first person to guess all three correctly will win a fat quarter!!  (so be sure that your contact information is included)





  1. lol....I am so bad at names...hubby keeps telling me..."listen to the words" But do I???? Noooooooo

    I guess Lollipop..lollipop/ bad moon rising/ and witching time. That's as good as it gets; lol

  2. Oh, so many possibilities: LolliPop with the Chordettes, Earth Song by Michael Jackson, Season of the With by Led Zeplin

  3. Sunshine Lollipops by Lesley Gore, Bad Moon Rising and Pinball Wizard

  4. I'm terrible at these type of games! But they are adorable little quilts!


  5. Sunshine Lollipops, Major Tom (Coming Home), Witchy Woman.
    Such cute little quilts.

  6. Tough ones!!
    1 - Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows
    2 - ??? Dark Side of the Moon ???
    3 - Witchy Woman

  7. haven't a clue.... but cute mini quilts.

  8. Awesome quilts! Don't think I was around in those era's =D

  9. Hi
    My guesses are:
    1. Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows
    2. Black Night
    3. Black Magic Woman

    1. WooooHooooo..... that is 2 out of 3 correct !! Great job! Keep guessing !


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