Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Wed again? Already?
What I have been doing?

Good question!

A little bit of this...and a little bit of that, I guess!!

A little of this.. the backing for "Comfort Cove"..

So far the stripes aren't driving me crazy!

Hope it stays that way! 

And it is basted and ready for quilting..

And a little  bit of that.... basting "Purple Parade" ...

And then I dug out these blocks to look at again. I was so in love with this when I started it, then got disappointed in how it was put it away for awhile! But now, on looking at it again, I think I might be liking it again!

I have to make a bunch more of the 9-patch blocks before I can lay it out to look at it, though.  It will be like a surprise , seeing them all together. I like surprises!!

I am also tackling that pile of burlap for my sons wedding.. table runners and chair ties. Let me tell you...burlap is DIRTY!! Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do!!

And a little of walking around my back yard checking out what is coming into bloom.  Today it was my of my favourite flowers...
 And finally....dont forget to pop over and vote again today for my blogging friend - Annette from In Stitches and Seams...   Vote here to help her through to the next level of the McCalls design challenge! 

So now to link up to The Needle and Thread Network..


  1. Two beautiful quilts that I am sure will work magic on. OH Burlap is awful stuff and bless you!

  2. Beautiful striped backing! In that one pic, it looks like it goes on for miles! I think I need to buy more pins so I too can baste more than one quilt at a time! I am really looking forward to seeing what you do with the burlap!


  3. Beautiful work going on there:) Burlap is really messy stuff to work with...good luck.

  4. Many lovelies at your house, Flo. Burlap has a natural earthy quality about it. Looks tasteful with shades of whites, tans and browns. Good luck.

  5. Great looking quilts! Basting is the worst! Cute blocks there! =D

  6. Seems like quite a lot of this and that! good for you!

  7. lovely work. At least with all this crappy Saskatchewan weather we are having it is leaving a lot of time to quilt :)

  8. So much work so little time! Burlap is certainly different for a wedding! But I am hoping you post photos of the big day so we can see how it is used. Then you will have a supply of burlap to make some rugs from felted wool... or sell it again to someone who does rugs!

  9. Ooh, I really like the backing for Comfort Cove -- way to go on the stripes, Flo! Purple Parade is looking fabulous -- can't wait to see it all quilted up. :)

  10. Comfort Cove certainly looks very comforting! Good luck with the wedding preparations.

  11. I love! The comfort cove quilt, front and back! I see a lot of art gallery fabrics in it, my favorites, m


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